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Dena Vacuum is one of the most sophisticated freeze dryer manufacturers of the world, glad to present its technical innovation in freeze dryer production all over the world. The company is focused on understanding the freeze drying needs of researchers everywhere and dedicated to provide top-quality equipment with superior application and technical support. Dena Vacuum freeze dryers (lyophilizers) are available as standard systems or can be customized to meet any freeze drying application requirements and needs. The products include small bench top manifold systems capable of 3 liters of condensate up to small production systems capable of processing about 24 liters of product in each batch. Dena Vacuum claims to present products for every freeze drying application need from drying leaves and berries for analysis, tissue banking, and research and development and manufacturing of diagnostic kits and pharmaceuticals.So feel free to contact us about your freeze drying and vacuum problems and you are quite welcome to have our science and experience under your service.